“In current days of financial constraint for families, and high energy
and heating costs, we must do all that we can to help everyone
cuts down their costs and ease the financial burden. I therefore
welcome the assurances given in the Assembly by Lord Morrow
on the progress achieved for insulation in Holywood. He has
confirmed that a cavity wall insulation scheme has been programmed
in the Strand Avenue in Holywood and is due to commence soon.

This is good news, dealing with a particular problem with properties
in the area, and will hopefully rectify the issue. The Minister
has already appointed the consultant for the scheme, who will be
in contact with the residents in the next fortnight to discuss the work with
them. Tendering in the scheme will then take place in March and
April, with work due to commence on site in May.  I welcome this swift
progress which will be of benefit to local people.”

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