“I am delighted at the announcement by my colleague Lord Morrow of a further year’s funding of £800,000 for the Women’s Centres Childcare Fund. This was achieved with the help of Finance Minister Mervyn Storey and locally benefits Kilcooley Women’s Education Centre along with 13 other centres across Northern Ireland.

Having visited Kilcooley Women’s Education Centre on numerous occasions and I am very aware of the positive and transformative benefit it is having on women’s lives locally, and so this news is critical not just to their future, but the lives of many individuals.

The fund is critical in supporting women and enabling them to obtain childcare services which in turn enables them to grasp educational, training and employment opportunities. It secures the fund for the next year while a long term secure future can be worked out in detail. For Kilcooley Women’s Education Centre which has been under siege as a result of the problem created by DEL’s mismanagement of the ESF funding, this is a significant and positive development.”

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