“I welcome the decision by the DRD Minister Michelle McIlveen
MLA to intervene to put on hold the decision to sell Cairn Wood
and Ballysallagh Reservoir. This is a popular local location and
it is importnmat that local people and visitors alike continue
to enjoy the magnificent opportunities created by this natural
environment, particularly the trees.

There was obviously concern that a sale to a private developer
would endanger the existence of these trees, and even though they
were under the protection of the Forest Service, that threat has now
been lifted. The preference was always for a sale to an other Government
body, and the intervention of my DUP friend and colleague, Minister
McIlveen has allowed the expression of interest in purchase by the
Forest Service, and I urge them now to grasp this opportunity
to build up a strong business case and ensure that the area remains
in public onwership for all to enjoy.”

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