“I am deeply saddened and disappointed that the latest attempt
to find the body of Lisa Dorrian has ended without success. i have
no doubt that this latest effort was provoked by good intelligence
and information, so it is doubly disappointing that it didnt bear
fruition. This must be incredibility frustrating for the family who
have suffered so much over the years, particularly when a glimmer
of hope has now been dashed.
It is heartbreaking to see a family that not only has lost a child, but
not even had the opportunity of finding out what happened to her,
and the chance at least to achieve some closure of being able
to give their daughter a Christian burial. What is particularly
galling is that the whereabouts of Lisa are known to those who carried
out her murder, and have kept that information to themselves. I appeal
again for them to end this nightmare and give the information to ensure
her body is recovered. That has come too late for Lisa’s mother, but in
the name of humanity, I urge them belatedly to do the decent thing.”
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