Weir and Gilmour Welcome Hope for Holywood Nursery School Expansion

Peter Weir MLA, Education Committee Chairman and his DUP colleague Councillor Jennifer Gilmour have welcomed the move towards expansion of Holywood Nursery School.


Speaking today Peter Weir MLA commented: ‘There is a clear demand for Nursery School Places in Holywood and Holywood Nursery School is now the only provider in this area. I have previously met with the School and the Education Authority to try and get a temporary additional classroom for the school to help them meet the high demand. I am glad to learn this week that the Education Authority have agreed to progress the Development proposal and explore planning options for the site.  Whilst this does not guarantee an additional classroom at this stage it is an encouraging step towards expansion. The number of applications to the school is a clear reflection on the excellent level of education and service provided by the school and I will continue to support them in their expansion plans. This temporary expansion and additional classroom is not a long term solution, the long awaited new school build is what is needed, however it is hoped that if things were to progress positively this temporary measure could be in place for pupils due to start this year.’


Holywood DUP Councillor Jennifer Gilmour also commented: ‘As a member of Holywood Nursery School Board of Governors I am that each year places at the nursery school are in high demand and always oversubscribed. This year provided added demand on the school as it is now the only provider of pre-school funded places in the area. I am encouraged by the Education Authorities decision this week to progress the development proposal to explore an additional classroom on the current school site. It is essential that we give our children the best start on their educational journey and without an extra classroom there would be a number of children missing out on this preschool year. The fight goes on but this is a step in the right direction.’

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