“The news that we have witnessed yet an other assault in Bangor Town Centre over the weekend is both depressing but also a wake up call for tougher action. I welcome the swift action by the police in arresting and charging a man for the assault on a local 25 year old man, but this has become a worryingly regular feature of life here, particularly in recent weeks, with a number of vicious assaults.

While the apprehension of suspects is to be commended, I believe that we need to think carefully of what additional action we can take to prevent or at least deter such criminal action in the first place. We need a clear focus on action in Bangor Town Centre, and tough action from the courts when people are found guilty of such assaults. People should be free to be able to enjoy a night out knowing that they are not at risk of attack, and we need to ensure that our streets can be kept safe from violent and mindless thugs.”

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